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Zelda Summer-Fall 2018 Randomizer Tournament

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Tournament completed! Post an announcement to share updates to your community.


Challonge will not be used for race facilitation. We will be using Fred's documents for that. The schedule can be found here.

Welcome to the Summer-Fall 2018 Zelda 1 Randomizer Tournament. We are excited to be back with a new flagset that will provide interesting decisions and exciting matches.


All races will be handled through SRL IRC. There will soon be a document posted with guidelines on rules and setup through IRC for racing if anyone is unfamiliar.

All participants will need to join the Zelda 1 Randomizer Discord- This will be the admins way of communicating updates and information to everyone, plus it is a good spot for discussion and help.

Please be sure to communicate the viewer guidelines so the event can be enjoyable for everyone. There will also be signups for tracking, commentary, and restream help, so be sure to view those guidelines as well. (Please note these guidelines can and most likely will be updated).

This tournament will be a swiss into double elimination bracket. Length of swiss rounds and size of brackets will be determined based on number of entrants. Signups will last from July 16 at midnight EDT and conclude on August 3, 2018 at 11:59 PM EDT.

Tournament Format

The tournament will have three stages of flags: swiss, bracket beginning and elite 8 (comprising of the final 8 in the winners bracket and the equivalent bonus bracket round). Those flags are as follows:

Swiss: FEV0AY087DJ8!0G4MYL1 (there will be a swiss 2018 preset)

Summary (from the randomizer): 1st Quest Overworld, 1st Quest Dungeons, Helpful Hints, Start shuffle:  Easy start, Shuffle, Level 9 Entry:  5 triforces, Yes Forced Gannon, Yes Important Items in 9, Yes Start Room Swap, Enemy HP: +/- 2, Boss HP: +/- 2, Yes Cave Shuffle, Yes Shuffle Dungeon Items, No RR/SA forced in 9, No Dungeon Heart shuffle, Yes Shuffle Shop Items, Book:  Yes Understand Old Men, Yes Enemy Group shuffle

Beginning of Brackets: 4680CLM7A4P!HR5N4KBV0

Summary of changes: +/-2 HP changes to +/-4 HP for enemies and bosses. 1Q overworld changes to 2Q overworld, add 2Q monsters, Remove dungeon numbers

Beginning of Elite 8: 5123XEDYI8M5!AKZ97E5F

Summary of changes: Both over and underworld are changed to Mixed Quest, Change book from understanding old men to Atlas, Hint type from helpful to deceptive, Level 9 entry is random triforces, add shuffle overworld enemy group with enemy group shuffle


冠军: Saver
有价值对手: JamEvil
下次再说: Redbirdgrad


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