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Zelda 1 Randomizer Tournament 2017 - Double Elimination


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Welcome to The Legend of Zelda Randomizer 2017 Shapes Tournament.

Join the Tournament Discord for announcements and updates.


The tournament will be a randomizer race tournament! Up + A on the second controller while paused is allowed (and you are highly encouraged to use it, as otherwise it is possible to become soft locked in a room, as are any other standard glitches (including, but not limited to, block clips and screen scrolls). All races will end when Zelda (or Gannon if using an enemy sprite) is saved.

The tournament will officially begin November 3, 2017. Due to the holiday season, the Swiss rounds will be held during November and December, and the elimination rounds will begin starting January 15th, 2018 upon AGDQ finishing.

Tournament Format

The tournament will be run as a Swiss to Double Elimination style tournament. Players are expected to play 1 match per week in the Swiss phase, and 1 match/week in the Double Elimination.

The flags chosen for the Swiss round are designed to be balanced for both veteran and newer players to the randomizer. As the tournament progresses into the Double Elimination Stage, additional flags will be set to increase the difficulty. All checkboxes that are marked will ensure that the flag will be guaranteed to be on.

First Stage - Swiss

For the Swiss stage, the flags will be 2B3C43TW3G5GQ!DZGUM -- The “2017 Swiss” button in the randomizer application will set these flags. In summary, players must collect all 8 triforce pieces, Kill Ganon, and find Zelda. Players may optionally elect to enable the following options:  Speed Up Text, Enable Item Swap with Select, Disable Music, Link Sprite, Randomize Other Tunics, and Starting Tunic Color.

The first stage of the Tournament is a Swiss format, where each round players with like records will be paired up to race 1v1 matches. We will use the results of this stage to advance players to the final stage and seed them. The Swiss stage will take place over a five to six week period during which players must complete one race each week. At the end of the Swiss portion of the tournament, all players with Y wins will advance automatically.

Play-in Race

Players with exactly 2 wins during Swiss will have the chance to play in the “Go to the Next Round” tiebreaker race, which will take the top finishers to advance the number of players needed to fill the 56 spots. This is a fixed date match. If you will not be able to attend at the specified date and time there will be no make-ups or second chances. The date for the tiebreaker is day, December 17, 2017 at 4:00 PM EST.

This table shows how we will determine play-in and bracket numbers based on initial entrants.

Final Stage -- Double Elimination

The final stage is a double elimination bracket. Players with one loss will move to a second bracket and face off against other players with one loss. A player will be eliminated after a second loss. In the early rounds of the bracket stage, the flags will be 2B4BMAV48F640LM2GLP

Seeding for the elimination phase will be determined by rankings on Challonge from the Swiss stage. The ranking in the Swiss Stage will be determined in the following order:

1. Wins
2. Tie-break, a system of tie-breaking players who have played against one another already.
3. Bucholz-median, a system that ranks the strength of a player’s opponents
4. Points scored. The time of your race will be scored as points.

Elite Eight -- Starting with the round of eight and the parallel round in the lower bracket, the flags will increase once again to: 2B7LYYEBKQ4L3M54BVM

Semi-Finals -- For the Upper Bracket Semi-finals and Finals, and the Grand Finals the winner will be determined in a best of three series.

The Grand Finals will be a best of three all inclusive finals (therefore entry from winners or elimination bracket are treated the same). All matches prior will be best of 1.


All SpeedRunsLive (SRL) racing rules apply. All participants must use approved emulators/consoles and stream their races. We recommend that you locally save your race-stream file in the event that your stream is disconnected and you are “proofcalled” on your time. If you are not registered with SRL, please do so now. If you do not know how to set up or use an SRL account, please contact an admin for assistance. Once the race is completed, please get in contact with a member of the admin team to update the standings and times.

Races must be played blind (both in not having played the seed before, and in not having any information from the other player). Players cannot receive any spoilers from their chats, nor are they allowed to watch the other racer. Please make sure to post in your channel that spoilers are not allowed. Players are restricted from viewing the restream video or chat until after they have completed their match. Players are in charge of policing their own Twitch chat and utilizing the most practical method possibly to avoid reading spoilers. This can be achieved by closing chat, having moderators that are monitoring chat and can purge quickly, putting your channel in subscriber only mode (even if you are not a twitch partner) to allow only appointed moderators to speak, using Emote mode, etc. Ultimately, you have the freedom to run your stream and chat as you see fit, but are also responsible for it.

All runners are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to their opponent, the community, the viewers and the venue. Excessive cursing during interviews or in IRC, delaying the start of races, or outright disrespect will not be tolerated. Any harassment by any tournament entrant toward any other party will result in ejection from the tournament.  Violations will be dealt with on a case by case basis, up to and including removal from the tournament. This may also bar the player’s involvement in future tournament play.   Should a member of the admin team be involved in such any matter brought before the admins, that member will have no say in the final decision.


Players who are matched in a round must contact one another to schedule their race by that round’s deadline.  Ideally, we will be trying to restream all matches, so please submit the timing of your matches using the scheduling form so that a restream can be coordinated.

If you are having issues contacting your opponent, please notify one of the admins as soon as possible so we can assist you. If neither opponent makes an attempt to schedule a match they both may receive a loss or be removed from the tournament at the organizer's discretion.

If there’s a chance you will need to reschedule or be late, notify your opponent and the admin team beforehand. If a match cannot be rescheduled before the deadline , you will forfeit your match without prejudice. No shows without notification will be reviewed by the admin team.

The admin team understands that a tournament of this magnitude has a lot of people with a lot of schedules to work around. We will do our best to help resolve scheduling conflicts. Any unresolved scheduling disputes will be handled by the admin team. 

Match Procedure

For scheduled races, please log in to SRL at least 15 minutes before race time and join your race's channel, or create it if it does not exist and join it.  To start a race in the #speedrunslive IRC channel on or at enter the command:

.startrace tlozhacks

Inside the race channel, enter either command to join the race:



Once your opponent is also in the room, you may use the bot 'fc' to automatically generate the seed and set the goal.  To be so, enter the command in the race channel:


During this time, it will help our generous restreamers to get your stream up and ready for them to capture your game screen and audio.  The restreamer will only capture your audio if you specify in IRC that you will be using game audio only.  You are not required to stream only game audio. The restreamer will also let you know when the restream is all set to go.  

Use the specified seed number and flags to generate your randomizer ROM.

When both participants (and the restream) are ready for the race to begin, type the following command:


Once both racers have entered .ready, RaceBot will then begin to countdown from 10 in the race chat, and upon reaching 0 both players will begin the race. You are finished when losing control of Link (or chosen player character) standing next to Zelda (or Little Gannon) and initiating the endgame sequence.  At the moment you lose control, enter the command which you may have pre-typed in the SRL Race channel:


(The winner is determined by RaceBot’s answer to the player’s .done)

In the case that SRL/RaceBot goes down during a scheduled race, admins will handle timing the start and finish.

Some additional handy commands for the race:

  • .quit - If something arises and you need to remove yourself from the race, then use the .quit command.
  • .undone - Use if you prematurely type .done or .quit before the race has ended.
  • .time - Displays the current elapsed time of the race.

FAQs / Q&As

  • In the rare case of a race tie (as determined by the .done times recorded on SRL), both racers will be awarded 0.5 points.  We don't think this will happen, but wanted to spell that out.

Viewer Guidelines

Make sure your viewers know these guidelines as well. It is your responsibility to avoid chat spoilers.

Sign up for Commentary / Restream

If you wish to help out with the commentary team there will be a few guidelines to follow. 

Please review this doc before signing up.

To sign up, click the link above and pick a match that you would be available for.

Alternatively you can add yourself to the Commentator's Registry and you will be contacted if a match needs coverage.

Commentary will be selected on a first come first served basis with mandatory rotations based on availability. No same person will be commentating the entire tournament unless there is no other available option.

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